Complex Domain Coloring

Note that the xy data points field is set to [100, 100] by default, which may generate a low-resolution chart. In this template, the chart is drawn pixel-by-pixel based on the bitmap rendering, which is a computation-intensive process. Therefore, you should start with a low-resolution for initial testing, and then go with a higher-resolution for your final chart. Be patient, it may take a few minutes to create a high-resolution chart!

Chart Options


  • The colormap field has effect only on colorScheme4 and colorScheme5, while it has no effect on the other color schemes.
  • The brightness is usually set to 1 for colorScheme1, colorScheme2, and colorScheme3, while it is set to 1.5 for colorScheme4, and colorScheme5. Of course, you can try any other value.

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